The Alverno Parents’ Association supports the school financially and through service. All Alverno parents are members of the APA. The APA provides service during the year for activities such as Back-to-School Night, Ring Ceremony, Graduation, and a variety of other events.

Parents support the school by performing school services to help keep expenses down, and provide funding for the school by sponsoring fundraisers. Monies raised by the APA benefit school projects chosen by the APA. The APA funds projects or items the school needs.

All Parents/Guardians are required to volunteer their time during the school year in support of school activities. You can choose to donate your required volunteer hours or pay for hours:

Required Volunteer Hours:

  • 2 Parents/Guardians = 20 hours per year
  • Single Parent/Guardian = 10 hours per year

Pay off your hours: (Instead of Volunteer Hours)

  • 2 Parents/Guardians = $500.00 ($25 per hour) to the APA
  • Single Parent/Guardian = $250.00 ($25 per hour) to the APA

All families are expected to complete half of their required hours by December 31st and the remaining half by April 30th. If you choose to pay off your hours, please pay by March 31, 2018.


Thanks for Volunteering!

Alverno Parents’ Association