Volunteering at Alverno


  1. When you receive an email about an event that you are interested in volunteering for, click on the link to sign up with SignUp.Com.
  2. Choose what you would like volunteer – time, donation, or both.
  3. If you are volunteering time at an event, make sure that you have checked-in with the Chairperson at the event. Please keep track of how many hours you have volunteered.
  4. If you are volunteering a donation, please keep the original copies of your receipts (for your personal records) for the items donated.
  5. After the event, check-in with the Chairperson of the event to submit your volunteer hours and/or your donations.
  6. Download the APA Service Hours Credit Form from the school website: http://alverno-apa.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/FINAL-Service_Hours_Credit_Form_1-25-16.pdf
  7. Fill out the APA Service Hours Credit Form. Keep the original copy for your records. Send a copy of the APA Service Hours Credit Form and any donation receipt copies to the Chairperson of the event.
  8. The Chairperson will report your volunteer hours and donations to the APA Service Hours Coordinator.

Note: Each event has an APA Coordinator, a Staff Member Liaison, and a Chairperson. It is the responsibility of the Chairperson to report volunteer hours and donations to the APA Service Hour Coordinator.

Chairing an event at Alverno

  1. The APA Coordinator will contact you to go over your event. The APA Coordinator will put you in touch with the Staff Member Liaison assigned to the event as well as provide you with the SignUp.com link for volunteers.
  2. Contact the Staff Member Liaison and discuss what is needed for the event. It may also involve input from the students involved with the event.
  3. You will need to review the SignUp.com link provided for your event. All Chairpersons will need to have a SignUp.com personal log-in to facilitate the management of the event including volunteers and donations.
  4. Coordinate with Cindy McLoughlin, Director of Facilities (Alverno) for location reservation, chairs, or other set-up needs for your event as soon as possible via email.
  5. It is important to keep in touch with your APA coordinator and Staff Member Liaison to ensure you have everything that you need. They are there to assist you should you encounter difficulties, need additional assistance, or to answer any questions.
  6. All Chairpersons must be present for their event.
  7. After the event, the Chairperson will need to make a final accounting of volunteer hours and donations.
  8. Calculate the hours earned by donations. Retain receipts and documents until hours are posted.
  9. The final calculations are tracked by the daughter’s name. On the final report, please include: parent first/last name, daughter first/last name, daughter grade, number of hours, and reason for hours.
  10. Report the final hours to the Service Hour Coordinator within one week of the event.