About APA

APA Executive Board 2017-2018

Position Name Graduate/Parent Email
President Deon Cavender P ‘14, P ‘16, and P ‘19 APApresident@alvernoheights.org
Vice President Veronica Jauregui P ‘20 Veronica.Jauregui85@gmail.com
Gala Chair Monica Wolfe P ‘19 familywolfe@aol.com
Treasurer Shirley Feng P ‘18 shirleyfeng9083@gmail.com
Service Hour Coordinator Kathleen Samaniego ‘82 and P ‘18 apaservicehours@alvernoheights.org
Recording Secretary Ruby Godinez ‘87, P ‘17 and P ‘20 Rggodinez@yahoo.com
Parliamentarian Juli Barry P ‘19 jbcanales@gmail.com
Sports Representative Michael Bendy P ‘19 and P ‘21 mmegjl@earthlink.net

Alverno Parents Association:

Catholic schools exist to assist parents/guardians in their responsibility as chief educators of their children. Therefore, Alverno High School educators function as professionals in their particular areas of academic expertise to complement/supplement the parents/guardians’ desire for college preparatory classroom work for their children. Alverno’s philosophy and mission statement is a clear presentation of the perspectives and values that are paramount in our educational process. It is, then, essential that parents/guardians take seriously our philosophical and educational mission that is publicly stated in this publication and other materials.


Expectations of Parents/Guardians:

  • Allow their daughters to take charge of their school lives.
  • Facilitate communication between their daughter and the appropriate Alverno adult; teacher, dean, assistant Head of School, advisor, or Head of School.
  • Make sure their daughter’s education takes priority at this time in her life—meaning that dating, weekend activities, babysitting, jobs—are always secondary to her academic life.
  • Be sure and clear that parental values are in stated agreement with the school’s stated values.
  • Participate in the Annual Giving Campaign.
  • Participate in fund raising activities, including the Gala and Student Fundraiser.
  • Contribute service hours to various activities or pay in lieu of service (20 hours or $500/ two parents 10 hours or $250/ one parent.) Reminder: Parents who have a student receiving financial aid or a need-based scholarship must complete their service hours—payment for service hours will not be accepted.
  • Be physically present at all school events.
  • Serve on APA committees when asked (serving on committees is not solely the job of women; we are dedicated to being equal opportunists for our students’ guardians/parents.
  • Call the APA board members with ideas for parent activities so they can put parents/guardians in touch with the appropriate APA council member.

APA Structure:

  • Structure: The executive board consists of the president, 1st vice-president, 2nd vice-president, a treasurer, an athletics representative, secretary, communications coordinator, parliamentarian, service hour coordinator, sports representative, and parent representative for each State.
  • Meetings: A minimum of two general APA meetings shall be held on the Alverno campus each school year; Members will be notified of the time, place, and agenda for each meeting. Members may notify any officer or the Head of School of items of concern to the whole; these items shall be included on the agenda. Minutes of these meetings shall be taken by the Recording/Communication Secretary and published for the Members.
  • Money: Financial reports are made monthly by the APA treasurer. At the end of each academic year, the APA contributes various sums of money for school needs. The APA Financial Report is PUBLIC. Any Alverno parent has access to information on Association revenues, expenditures, or contributions.
  • Calendar: The school Calendar is the important document for keeping students, parents, and guardians aware of school events. The executive committee of the APA meets with school administrators each summer to schedule traditional and new events for adults. It is expected that Alverno parents and guardians will display the school calendar on a refrigerator, or other important location in the house, as a family reminder of what is going on at school.